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"Fighting the good fight with Ali", Baltimore Sun, Op-Ed pages, 6/21/16

"ARP Calls for Termination of Bouts between Amateur and Professional Boxers at 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro", Press Release, June 2016

“CSAC Issues Memo on Dangers of Weight Cutting”, MixedMartialArts.com, February 2015

“Dana White backs bid for ban.” Associated Press, ESPN.com, January 2014

"Emanuel Steward A Legend  A Hero — A Friend."  Emanuel Steward meant so much to so many: a teacher, a mentor, a colleague, a role model, an inspiration, an icon, a legend, a hero, a friend

“Calling on the UFC to Step Up Drug Testing”, Dr. Margaret Goodman, VADA, Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, January 2012

“Zuffa Needs to Step Up and Stomp Out Cheats”, VADA, Voluntary Anti-Doping Association, January 2012

“In Remembrance of Patricia Page”, by Dr. Raymond Monsell, December 2011

“When Bell Sounds, Surgeon Answers Ringside Calling”, New York Times, July, 2011

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Summary of the “Boxing and the Brain” conference in Manilla, December 2010

Boxing News: A Summary of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the AAPRP, Dr. Raymond Monsell

Sports Illustrated: The Damage Done: While Concussive Hits Dominate the Debate, a Groundbreaking New Study Suggests That Minor Blows — And There Can Be Hundreds Each Game — Are Just as Traumatic, November, 2010

Sports Illustrated: Concussions — the Hits that are Changing Football, November 2010

Thom Loverro: Calculating the risk would be a head start, The Washington Times, February, 2009

“Head Games”, Profile on Chris Nowinsky, Neurology Now: September/October 2007, Volume 3 - Issue 5

AAPRP Board of Directors Meet with Senator John McCain, EastSideBoxing.com, July 2004

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