"To serve, protect, and educate all involved in combative sports"

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Concussion Consensus Statement - Concussion in combat sports

Ocular Practice — Guidelines for participation in combative sports

Medical Recommendations to Improve Boxing Safety — General recommendations from the ARP

Ethics — The ethical guidelines developed and mandated by the ARP for practice as a ringside physician

Headgear — Recommended for amateurs

Medical Clearance of the Older Fighter — Clearing fighters aged 40 and over

Mouth Guards — Which mouth guards are safest

Testosterone Therapeutic Use Exemptions — Should testosterone supplementation for a diagnosis of primary or secondary hypogonadism be allowed in boxing/MMA?

Weight Management in Professional Combat Sports — Recommendations for solving the problem of unhealthy and unsafe weight control practices

Blood-Bourne Infectious Disease Screening in Combat Sports — Recommendations for screening athletes

Down Syndrome — Recommendations for whether people with Down Syndrome should be medically cleared to compete in contact martial art sports

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